A Winter Wedding at The Dorchester

Feb 1, 2022

Celebrating the bride at The Dorchester

There’s no better setting for a luxury wedding than The Dorchester. From the lilting jazz piano in the reception to the glittering chandeliers in the event room, this hotel oozes glamour. As a Dorchester wedding photographer, I captured a beautiful Iranian couple’s special day.

The winter sun seeped through the window onto the bride’s designer dress. With light this perfect, it was time for me to capture the stylish details! The Dorchester’s luxury suite made a wonderful, classic backdrop for some elegant portraits of the wonderful bride.

Bride with Qu'ran

Luxury Persian Wedding Ceremony

Luxury sofreh detail

The bride and her father entered up the glamourous spiral staircase to the Crystal Suite. The ceremony venue was flooded with evening sunlight. This made the sumptuous sofreh glitter. As a Dorchester wedding photographer, I know how important these details are to the couple, so I had to explore fully! I snapped flowers, luxury foods, mirrors, candelabras and the family Qu’ran – all stylishly arranged in pink and neutral shades.

The couple designed their ceremony to include key Persian wedding rituals that brought out the emotion for the guests. From the couple feeding each other honey to the bridal party holding the chuppah over the couple, everyone got involved. As a photographer, I love finding those special moments between the happy couple and their friends and family immediately after the ceremony. I got into the crowd and snapped loving hugs and shared jokes.

Persian wedding ritual of feeding honey

Joyful Reception Photographs at the Dorchester

After the wedding, the bride and groom headed through the Dorchester’s grand lounge. The pianist’s observation skills are fantastic and she quickly started playing the wedding march. Every touch in this luxury venue is geared at making the bride and groom’s day special and unique.

The guests enjoyed the champagne and hors d’oeuvres in a wood-panelled room. The musicians were lively and the bride’s mother was first to start dancing. Throughout the reception, I used the flash to capture family members enjoying each other’s company.

Then the group moved to the wedding breakfast in a luxurious pastel suite. After the groom’s perfectly-delivered speech, he kissed his bride’s hand over a sea of flowers. I could see the love between them.

Then the dancing really began! This wedding had such energy in the dance that it was hard to resist getting onto the dance floor myself. So I got into the melee and captured the energy…

Bride and groom enjoying speeches
Wedding dancefloor

Congratulations to the happy couple!


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